Carvoeiro area, beach, sports and nature 

The small fishermen's village of Carvoeiro is situated on the coast of the Algarve. Portugal's most southern province. There is plenty to do in the village itself: lots of restaurants, the beach, boat rides to view the rocks and the possibility to rent a canoe. Fun for young and old. In the months of June, July and August there is live music in the centre of Cavoeiro. From 20.00 to 23.30. Promenade, dance and meet people in the square, surrounded by several great restaurants. Something for everyone. 

There''s no need to travel beyond Carvoeiro. Everything within reach without car.  From information/booking office to supermarkets and general practitioners. (also in Dutch and German) Carvoeiro has it all. 

There are several ways to explore the coast or shop in one of the large shopping malls. You can rent a car or take a taxi from the Carvoeiro centre. Uber is also present. There is plenty of information available in your accommodation. 


There are also plenty of sports activities. Swimming, snorkelling and diving, of course. You can also rent a canoe or boat to sail along the beautiful coast. There are dozens of golf courts in the Algarve.  There are nine in the area alone. A tennis club is also only 10 minutes away by car. It's a lovely club with palm trees, a restaurant, fitness club, hairdresser, massage, padel courts and trampolines. It also has a pool. The club is called TC Carvoeiro. 

We also have a great private tennis teacher: Charles Guy. Check out and book on his website: 

You can find all telephone numbers in your accommodation. The famous coastal walking route goes right by the house of Padoca. The Algarve is a stunning, clean nature reserve with natural pools.  There are also plenty of possibilities to rent a (electric) bike. 

In short, never a dull moment. But the south coast of Portugal is always an oasis of tranquillity because it's sparsely inhabited, there are beautiful mountains at 20km from the coast and the coast line is very special with rocks and magnificent beaches.  

And last but not least: the Portuguese people are friendly and will give you a warm welcome!


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